WWE Hall of Famer reveals the major condition he would set on Edge joining AEW

When news broke that Edge’s contract was coming to an stop in WWE without having a new deal officially secured, supporters right away commenced to speculate if the man born Adam Copeland would be a part of his very long-time pal Christian Cage in AEW.

On paper, the concept would go a tiny anything like this: soon after becoming despatched to pasture in WWE, left to come to be a component-time legend at 49, Edge could move to AEW, continue on to do the job a comprehensive-time routine, and probably even win a championship or two ahead of he hangs up his boots on his very own phrases. With CM Punk out, AEW has space at the leading for a performer like Copeland to occur in and immediately glow, and, looking at how his first retirement arrived about, that prospect might prove only way too great to pass up for a performer who has labored for the identical firm for 25 decades.

But just since an AEW-Edge pairing will make sense doesn’t signify the WWE Hall of Famer should immediately jump into bed with the marketing without negotiating a offer that performs for him. No, if Edge experienced WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff calling the pictures as his manager, he’d present a pair of methods to Tony Khan to see if he could get the 49-yr-old a great opportunity to be successful on Saturday Evening Collision.

“I’m heading to just take two different strategies. On a glass-half-whole tactic, if I was Edge’s manager and I preferred him to make that move, I would point out the prospects equally to what you just did, but I would also want to have a couple discussions with Tony [Khan] and Bryan Danielson mainly because this is the section of the Edge likelihood that gets me excited,” Eric Bischoff stated through Wrestling Inc.

“This is admittedly a glass-fifty percent-total for the reason that this would have to have that Tony relinquish some innovative command and allow someone else do it, at the very least with regard to both Edge independently in his tale or on ‘Collision’ and use Edge there. I never know what the own relationship is concerning Bryan Danielson and Edge, but I would presume it really is fantastic and I would believe there is a large amount of mutual respect. If I was Adam Copeland’s manager, I would say, ‘Look, Tony, this is the deal. My shopper would like to come over, but let’s be honest, [the] monitor history for WWE expertise coming in has not been all that fantastic.’”

“I know it really is gonna seem a minimal tricky in the assembly, but it is really legitimate, so get more than it. But, you’ve got this dude Bryan Danielson that you’ve expressed you’ve obtained a lot of self-confidence in, why really don’t we give this romantic relationship a try out, but do it a small in another way.’ And permit Bryan and Edge get the job done with each other on Edge’s resourceful. Which is thrilling to me. And if I am Adam’s supervisor, I’m going to choose a minor bit of comfort in that due to the fact now I’m putting my client’s profession in the palms of a person that he has confidence in. Consequently so do I as a supervisor.”

Would it make sense for Edge to have a bit a lot more manage than most around his job if he signed with AEW? You guess Edge wouldn’t be signing with the advertising for a paycheck but to as a substitute spherical out his legacy with a handful of far more title wins and even a lot more consequential matches. If Tony Khan’s not down for that thought of a extra arms-on Bryan Danielson with the “Rated-R Superstar,” well, then it may possibly not make sense for Edge to sign with the promotion interval, at the very least in the view of Bischoff.

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If Edge will not get the appropriate offer, Eric Bischoff does not imagine he should really join AEW.

So, if which is the glass-fifty percent-comprehensive technique, then what is Eric Bischoff’s glass-50 %-empty viewpoint? Nicely, if it turns out Tony Khan will not want to compromise his full inventive manage to give Edge some autonomy, then the previous WCW exec just thinks Edge really should transform the supply down.

“Glass-50 %-vacant, Tony isn’t going to want to do that due to the fact he would like to be Vince McMahon. He would like to be Eric Bischoff back in the ’90s. He would like to be that guy that reinvented wrestling. And right up until he is ready to delegate and recognize what he is good at and what he’s not, it really is by no means likely to take place. I wouldn’t want my consumer to end up in an ecosystem a great deal like absolutely everyone else which is arrive more than from WWE. They’ve received a massive splash and a big entrance, and ‘Oh, they are below, it is likely to transform all the things,’ and then a few weeks afterwards they’re gone.”

Has each and every WWE Celebrity who signed with AEW worked out for the improved? No, but then again, other than Bryan Danielson, when has a Celebrity of Edge’s caliber grow to be available? If Edge is readily available to indication with AEW, then who understands, possibly he will be the exception, as well, as Khan really are not able to afford to pay for to mess issues up with a further significant-profile roster addition.

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