Why Riley Leonard’s mom texts him “You Suck” before games

There are a bunch of pre-video game rituals that most athletes have to go by means of. Their game titles get thrown off when they are unsuccessful to execute them simply because a lot of players have been doing them for a really extensive time. Usually, mentality performs a substantial component in online games which is why soccer gamers do these routines. Duke football’s Riley Leonard has one thing significantly distinct. Whilst other folks take in a banana, consider a nap or anything at all of the like, he has his mom send him a information ahead of every single matchup. Their crazy gain in opposition to Dabo Swinney’s Clemson football software could possibly just be due to the fact of this plan.

Riley Leonard’s mother sends him a note that states, “You Suck!” You read that suitable, Duke soccer supporters. He obtained the correct same concept right before squaring off towards the Clemson soccer squad. The Blue Devils quarterback even experienced to place the concept on a wristband these kinds of that he would not forget the concept.

The fundamental reason guiding all of this is that he has gotten so substantially notice at Duke soccer. Leonard will get a lot of praise in the gridiron which may well make his ego inflate. He then questioned his mom to textual content him those people two text to hold him humble at all expenditures. It retains him tethered to reality with no any of the fame having to his head, for each The Comeback.

There are a good deal of methods that operate for players and this seems to be a person of them. It is just terrific that Riley has a loving mom that does this to him constantly.

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