James Harden’s relationship with Joel Embiid, teammates, revealed

The Philadelphia 76ers remain 1 of the most significant mysteries in the NBA as teaching camp approaches. James Harden has managed narratives this NBA offseason with his surprising responses with regards to Sixers executive Daryl Morey and there is genuinely no telling how this predicament will play out.

Harden, who is in the final 12 months of his contract, no for a longer time wishes to be in Philadelphia and play for the firm since of Morey supposedly “lying” about trading the former league MVP this offseason. On the other aspect of points, the Sixers are eager to hear provides and check out trades for Harden, but they are not heading to give him up unless they can receive gamers that place them in a championship position.

You cannot really blame the 76ers for experience this way, as they gave up a handful of belongings to obtain Harden in 2022 and they have established to be just one of the better teams in the Japanese Meeting in recent seasons. On the other hand, this circumstance has rapidly turned poisonous with just a couple months before training camp begins.

The marriage Harden has with the Sixers brass seems strained and unrepairable, but he nonetheless appears to be in superior standing with Joel Embiid and his current teammates. ESPN’s Zach Lowe not long ago mentioned the 10-time All-Stars position with Philadelphia on The Lowe Write-up Podcast, stating that when Harden is unhappy, there does not seem to be to be any complications between him, Embiid and the rest of the workforce.

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“I have heard that his relationships with his teammates keep on being superior,” Lowe said. “He likes playing with Embiid, although you will find clearly been this drive and pull of like, do I get to participate in Harden ball or do I have to participate in set up Embiid ball? I consider the reporting that his initial meetings with Nick Nurse went very well, is legit, like there are parts of that group that he likes. So it’ll be really appealing to see.”

The standoff in Philadelphia proper now appears to contain only Harden and Morey. The participant has no problems with anyone else, in spite of questioning his position at situations, and the government won’t look to have any issues at all, even although he is been publicly termed out and criticized by his All-Star.

It is even now not likely that Harden and the Sixers come to a mutual comprehension and he truly performs for them all through the 2023-24 time, but the strategy that he is however in fantastic standing with Embiid and the rest of his teammates suggests that the 76ers could probably coax their star guard into staying if Morey was to leave. Then once again, this is just mere speculation, as there have been zero indications suggesting that the Sixers are in fact interested in obtaining rid of Morey as a consequence of what has transpired.

With no trade on the horizon and the 76ers continuing to hold company on their beliefs, the following query in this Harden saga will be answered when coaching camp rolls all over.

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