Connor Bedard, other NHL players’ favorite cheat foods revealed

Chicago Blackhawks rookie centre Connor Bedard is the new deal with of the franchise. Just like a lot of NHL players, Bedard seems ahead to the occasional cheat food items and give himself a deal with.

Surprisingly, Connor Bedard’s preferred cheat food items is just not as sinful as quite a few of his NHL contemporaries, for every The Athletic.

“My most loved is most likely sushi. I’m from Vancouver, so I like to say that, other than Japan, it is really in all probability the greatest sushi out there. Which is in all probability a single of my favored foodstuff. When you go again residence, it can be really great there. That is a good summer season one particular,” Bedard claimed.

It turns out sushi is one particular of Connor Bedard’s secrets and techniques. Perhaps the Japanese delicacy is one particular of the reasons at the rear of his best-notch enjoy on the ice. A single can only wonder if he will get his fill of deep-dish pizza now that he is in the Windy Metropolis.

Other NHL stars also shared their favored cheat foods. The Florida Panthers’ Matthew Tkachuk enjoys wings from OB Clark’s in St. Louis, MO. His brother Brady, who performs for the Ottawa Senators, enjoys sandwiches stuffed with bacon, eggs, and cheese. For his element, Matthew’s Panthers teammate Aleksander Barkov are not able to get plenty of of chicken wings from his native Finland.

One more outstanding NHL player, Mark Stone of the defending Stanley Cup champions Vegas Golden Knights, loves iced cappuccinos from Canadian espresso store Tim Hortons.

Now that equally Johnny Toews and Patrick Kane are gone, Connor Bedard is the undisputed encounter of the Blackhawks franchise. Bedard has been schooling with Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid. The former has also been given some worthwhile tips from his Blackhawks teammate Taylor Corridor.

With the way things are likely, sushi-loving Connor Bedard will have a lengthy and illustrious job in the NHL.

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