3 reasons why Cody Rhodes should be traded to SmackDown for Jey Uso

When Cody Rhodes broke the news that Jey Uso headed to Raw as the latest member of the roster during his look on the Grayson Waller result on Payback, it got enthusiasts from all over the world even extra fired up about the future of the Red Brand name.

Envision all of the diverse match mixtures, the feuds, the friendships the entire world was seemingly the youthful Uso’s oyster, and he was heading to appreciate every second of it as WWE seemingly builds in the direction of an Usos Civil War match at WrestleMania 40.

Well, at minimum 1 of people match combinations is just not going to happen anymore, as, in accordance to Adam Pearce, SmackDown just isn’t allowing a person of its leading stars leave without having bringing an individual back again as payment.

“Listen, I’m sure you observed some of the locker home is not precisely delighted that you happen to be here,” Adam Pearce explained to Jey Uso. “I’m fearful it can be gonna get even worse right before it gets far better and here’s why: upper administration just permit me know that SmackDown is receiving trade compensation for you becoming listed here, ok? Any individual from Raw will be traded to SmackDown at some issue soon, and based on who that ends up remaining, it could p*ss some folks off and I preferred you to have heads up.”

Oh no, when it is very clear much more than a couple of members of the Raw roster – study: Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle – are not particularly pleased to see Uso in their locker space, points are likely to get even worse if a well known performer, anyone like, say, Cody Rhodes, was to leave simply because of his addition.

… do you know what? Rhodes actually will make fantastic sense as the person who should be traded to SmackDown for Uso, as, based on how issues are shaking up, it would look he may well have even asked for the swap. Right here are 3 good reasons why Rhodes might be heading to SmackDown in an Ucey roster swap.


3. Cody Rhodes has unfinished company with Grayson Waller.

Taking matters back again to Payback for a second, ahead of Rhodes unveiled the addition of Uso, he acquired into items a minor little bit with the “Aussie Icon,” with the duo exchanging text around their mutual disrespect for every other. Whilst Rhodes left the ring for evident good reasons just before matters could get physical, leaving Uso to Superkick Waller for superior measure, it can be hard to argue that the two performers really don’t have some unfinished company remaining to attend to.

If Rhodes jumps ship to SmackDown, he can go for that “Grayson Waller Bump” on the weekly and possibly even develop points up to a match among the duo either at Fastlane or as the established-up match for a contest towards an even even bigger-named performer like, oh, I you should not know, the “Greatest Of All Time?”


2. John Cena is on SmackDown by Oct.

Speaking of contests from even greater-named performers, who could Rhodes wrestle that suits that invoice superior than the performer many fans extensively consider to be the “GOAT,” John Cena?

Like Waller, Cena is a member of SmackDown, with appearances booked for the rest of the thirty day period on the Blue Brand preserve Friday, when considerably of the roster will be heading to India for Superstar Spectacle, in addition to many appearances in October. Considering Rhodes has currently stated on several situations his admiration for and motivation to wrestle “The Experience That Operates the Place” throughout this recent operate in WWE, perhaps Rhodes could incorporate that dream match to his “American Nightmare” resume in advance of he fishes out his Bowser Halloween costume from his closet.

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1. The Bloodline is on SmackDown.

And very last but not least, why must Rhodes leave Uncooked at the rear of for a place on SmackDown? Nicely, because The Bloodline – help save Jey Uso, who is excommunicado from the faction – are on SmackDown, and if Rhodes actually needs to comprehensive his tale, he’ll have to perform a right software with Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and business ahead of he can get a further shot at Roman Reigns.

Now granted, would it have been cool to see Rhodes challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE Planet Heavyweight Championship? Certain, Rhodes vs. Rollins was one particular of the ideal feuds of 2022, and Paul “Triple H” Levesque dedicated some significant time to planting the seeds that there however could be some animosity among the duo inspite of their shared friendship with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Continue to, Rhodes has famous on multiple instances that the only way he can definitely #FinishTheStory is to acquire the title his father challenged for, the WWE Championship, which is component of the lineage of Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Common Championship, and SmackDown is where he needs to be to make that take place.

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